About Platter to Plate


It all started when…

Rhiannon grew up admiring her Mother’s culinary skills, Ruth was a self taught home cook that always took the simple family dinner to the next level. Ruth was famous amongst family and friends for her food at social gatherings and even in the school yard whilst Rhi was a child. Often other kids were envious of Rhi and her sister Danielle’s school lunches, so Ruth would pack them extra so they could share with their friends.

In January 2018 Rhi had a vision for a bespoke catering company that could not only bring her clients visions to life, but take them beyond their wildest dreams. She wanted people to look at food like the artform it truly is, so she began to create edible works of art in the form of her Platter Boxes and Grazing Tables

Platter to Plate is centered around love. The love of food, the love of bringing people together, the love of family and the art of connecting; not only to one another but connecting to the food Platter to Plate prepares for you.

Many of Platter to Plates homemade treats are family recipes that have been passed down for generations and Rhiannon is so proud to pay homage to her Mother, her Omie and late Nanna through everything she does.

Welcome to the family. We can’t wait to create something amazing for you!